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Artist: Jade Warrior
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Jade Warrior Wind Borne 4CD
Remastered from the original master tapes, Wind Borne - The Island Albums 1974-1978 is a 4CD set collecting the four highly regarded albums Jade Warrior recorded for Island Records.
Including Floating World (1974), Waves (1975), Kites (1976) and Way Of The Sun (1978), the albums saw the duo of flautist Jon Field and guitarist uniquely combine ethnic influences with JW's highly distinctive form of ambient progressive rock. 
The duo are joined by Steve Winwood on Waves, and Fred Frith and Clodagh Simmons on Kites.
Floating World
Originally released in 1974
1 Clouds
2 Mountain of Fruit and Flowers
3 Waterfall
4 Red Lotus
5 Clouds II
6 Rain Flower
7 Easty
8 Monkey Chant
9 Memories of a Distant Sea
10 Quba
Originally released in 1975
1 Waves – Part One
2 Waves – Part Two
Originally released in 1976
1 Song of the Forest
2 Wind Song
3 The Emperor Kite
4 Wind Borne
5 Kite Song
6 Land of the Warrior
7 Quietly by the River Bank
8 Arrival of the Emperor: “What Does the Venerable Sir Do?”
9 Teh Ch’Eng: “Do You Understand This?”
10 Arrival of Chia Shan: “Disclosure and Liberation”
11 Towards the Mountains
12 The Last Question
Way Of The Sun
Originally released in 1978
1 Sun Ra
2 Sun Child
3 Moontears
4 Heaven Stone
5 Way of the Sun
6 River Song
7 Carnival
8 Dance of the Sun
9 Death of Ra