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Artist: Jade Warrior
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Jade_Warrior Borne_On_The_Solar_Wind 3CD
A 3CD set featuring all the Jade Warrior albums recorded for the Vertigo label.
Including Jade Warrior (1971), Released (1971) and Last Autumn’s Dream (1972), the band’s music uniquely - for the time - shifted between ethnic music, ethereal and ambient sounds, and guitar driven rock. 
Features an illustrated booklet with essay.
Jade Warrior
1  The Traveller
2  A Prenormal Day at Brighton
3  Masai Morning
4  Windweaver
5  Dragonfly Day
6  Petunia
7  Telephone Girl
8  Psychiatric Sergeant
9  Slow Ride
10  Sundial Song
1  Three Horned Dragon King
2  Eyes On You
3  Bride of Summer
4  Water Curtain Cave
5  Minnamoto’s Dream
6  We Have Reason to Believe
7  Barazinbar
8  Yellow Eyes
Last Autumn’s Dream
1  A Winter’s Tale
2  Snake
3  Dark River
4  Joanne
5  Obedience
6  Morning Hymn
7  May Queen
8  The Demon Trucker
9  Lady of the Lake
10  Borne on the Solar Wind