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Format: Vinyl
Artist: IZZ
CatNo: PLG007
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IZZ Crush Of Night vinyl
IZZ's new studio offering, Crush of Night, comprises the second part of a trilogy of thematically linked albums that began with The Darkened Room in 2009. 
Featuring Gary Green of Gentle Giant on two tracks, IZZ creates modern symphonic Progressive music with soaring vocals and musical influences including traditional 1970s Prog and the contemporary Pop-Prog of Spock's Beard.
The 26-minute suite, Crush of Night, is divided into two tracks, This Reality and The Crush of Night and serves as the musical and lyrical centrepiece of the album.
The limited edition gatefold double vinyl version comes with an extra side by John Galgano featuring a cover of Peter Gabriel's Red Rain.
A1. You've Got a Time (4:09)
A2. Words and Miracles (7:18)
A3. Solid Ground (6:02)
B1. Half the Way (6:07)
B2. This Reality (13:32)
C1. The Crush of Night (13:18)
C2. Almost Over (4:19)
D1. Places to Hide
D2. Red Rain
D3. This is How it Happens