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Its Immaterial House for Sale Vinyl
*PLEASE NOTE: these copies have less-than-perfect sleeves.
The vinyl itself is mint - SOLD AS SEEN, NO RETURNS/REFUNDS*
It's Immaterial’s House For Sale is a collection of ten recordings that were initiated over thirty years ago at Castlesound studio under the guidance of Calum Malcolm (the producer of Song) with the aim of producing the band's third studio album. 
Sadly, the album never materialised, but some twenty four years later - whilst moving studios - Jarvis Whitehead and John Campbell discovered a neat cardboard box containing the original multi-track Tascam DA-88 tapes from those sessions and decided to complete the project. 
The Castlesound tapes have now been restored with new parts and performances to complete each of the recordings. The glorious House For Sale is the result.
Vinyl edition.
Includes a download of the full album (available in your account).
N.B. All House For Sale orders made via Pledge will be fulfilled by Burning Shed, so there is no need for previous purchasers to order the album again.


Side One.
1.  Summer Rain.
2.  Kind Words.
3.  Just North Of Here.
4.  Tell Me Why.
Side Two.
1.  Up On The Roof.
2.  The Gift Of Rain.
3.  In My Dreams.
4.  Downriver.