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Format: CD
Artist: Isengard
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Isengard Vinterskugge Peaceville CD
Mid-price CD edition of the cult 1994 debut release from Fenriz of Darkthrone’s solo project Isengard.
Demonstrating Fenriz's breadth of vocal styles, Vinterskugge consists of 3 separate recordings made between 1989 and 1993, and contains a multitude of styles, including Doom, Rock, Folk, Death, Black and Viking Metal. 
The album is presented in 3 chapters. The first, Vanderen, features the most recent tracks, from 1993. The second part comprises of Spectres Over Gorgoroth, a recording from 1989, while chapter 3 features tracks from 1991, called Horizons. 
1. Vinterskugge
2. Gjennom Skogen Til Blaafjellene
3. Ut I Vannets Dyp Hvor Morket Hviler 
4. Dommedagssalme 
5. In The Halls And Chambers Of Stardust 
   The Crystallic Heavens Open 
6. Fanden Lokker Til Stupet (Nytrad) 
7. Naglfar 
8. Thy Gruesome Death 
9. Deathcult 
10. Rise From Below 
11. Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth 
12. Trollwandering (Outro) 
13. The Fog 
14. Storm Of Evil 
15. Bergtrollets Gravferd 
16. Our Lord Will Come