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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Isengard
CatNo: VILELP985
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Isengard Spectres Over Gorgoroth Vinyl Fenriz Darkthrone
Essential recordings from 1989 and 1991 from the solo project of Darkthrone's Fenriz
The original version of 'Vinterskugge' consisted of 3 separate recording sessions conducted between 1989 & 1993, and covered a multitude of styles, including doom, rock, folk, death, black & viking metal. 'Vinterskugge' also demonstrated Fenriz's breadth of vocal styles, lending an epic edge to many of the tracks.
This vinyl release contains the second and third chapters of Vinterskugge, with 1989's cult 'Spectres Over Gorgoroth' recordings, followed by tracks made in 1991, and forming the 'Horizons' chapter.
Black vinyl edition featuring the original demo cassette cover artwork, plus additional lyrics.
Isengard was the solo-project started in 1989 by Fenriz - one the key driving forces behind Norwegian legends Darkthrone - because he had many musical ideas to explore that didn't strictly fit in with the style and music of Darkthrone. Under the Isengard moniker, Fenriz has a trio of releases, 'Vinterskugge', 'Høstmørke', and most recently the further collection of Fenriz's early and rare recordings, released in 2020 as 'Varjevndogn'.
1 Thy Gruesome Death
2 Deathcult
3 Rise From Below
4 Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth
5 Trollwandering (outro)
1 The Fog
2 Storm Of Evil
3 Bergtrollets Gravferd
4 Our Lord Will Come