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Format: CD
Artist: Hellripper
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Hellripper Coagulating Darkness CD Peaceville
A CD edition of the 2017 debut studio album of cult black thrash/speed metal from the rising UK titan, Hellripper.
Inspired by the likes of old-school legends including Venom, Kreator, Sabbat [JPN] and Metallica, James McBain formed Hellripper in 2014 and with the release of the debut EP The Manifestation of Evil shortly after, the Scottish band was already making a very clear statement of hellish destruction with an electrifying brand of blackened thrash. Building on the momentum of the debut EP with a string of split releases, the debut album Coagulating Darkness was released in 2017 to media acclaim, with the UK’s Metal Hammer hailing Hellripper as “Scotland's King of the arcane mosh” & the band receiving attention throughout Europe and the US. This was followed by the EP - Black Arts & Alchemy, before an eventual deal was inked with Peaceville, resulting in 2020’s trailblazing The Affair of the Poisons.
For a debut album, Coagulating Darkness demonstrated a startling maturity and clear sense of direction throughout its eight track duration, with McBain single-handedly crafting and recording a set of blistering, timeless metal anthems in a relentless high speed attack of ferocious riffing and masterful soloing.
The cover artwork for ‘Coagulating Darkness’ appears courtesy of Skadvaldur, known for his work on The Affair of the Poisons.
1 Bastard of Hades
2 Anneliese
3 Demdike (In League with the Devil)
4 Within the Everlasting Hellfire
5 From Hell
6 Black Invocation
7 Conduit Closing
8 Coagulating Darkness