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Format: CD
Artist: Hawkwind
CatNo: ATOMCD21054
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Hawkwind Space_Ritual 2CD Stephen_W_Tayler

Deluxe 50th anniversary remixed edition of Hawkwind’s legendary live album Space Ritual.

Recorded on the band’s UK Tour of December 1972, the live show was a continuous performance linked by poetry recitation by Robert Calvert.Three concerts were captured on tape by the Pye Records mobile unit. The resulting double album was adorned with memorable artwork by designer Barney Bubbles and was a Top Ten hit in the UK upon its release in May 1973.

This 2CD set features a stunning Stephen W Tayler mix of the album taken from the original 16-track master tapes. The set includes the complete unedited versions of Brainstorm and Time We Left This World Today and the encore of You Shouldn’t Do That.

Includes an illustrated booklet with essay.

CD1 Space Ritual 50th Anniversary Stereo Remix by Stephen W Tayler
1. Earth Calling (new stereo mix)
2. Born to Go (new stereo mix)
3. Down Through the Night (new stereo mix)
4. The Awakening (new stereo mix)
5. Lord of Light (new stereo mix)
6. Black Corridor (new stereo mix)
7. Space is Deep (new stereo mix)
8. Electronic No. 1 (new stereo mix)
9. Orgone Accumulator (new stereo mix)
10. Upside Down (new stereo mix)
CD2 Space Ritual 50th Anniversary Stereo Remix by Stephen W Tayler
1. 10 Seconds of Forever (new stereo mix)
2. Brainstorm (new stereo mix)
3. Seven by Seven (new stereo mix)
4. Sonic Attack (new stereo mix)
5. Time We Left This World Today (new stereo mix)
6. Master of the Universe (new stereo mix)
7. Welcome to the Future (new stereo mix)
8. You Shouldn’t Do That (new stereo mix)