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Artist: Gryphon
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Gryphon Get Out Of My Fathers Car CD
2020's Get Out Of My Father's Car! is the seventh studio album from the legendary Gryphon
Original members Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland and Dave Oberlé are joined by virtuoso Andy Findon on clarinets, saxes and flutes, plus two new members, Rob Levy on bass guitar and Clare Taylor on violin and keyboards. All three new members have contributed compositions to Get Out Of My Father’s Car and the range of styles on the album is unprecedented in the history of this most eccentric of bands.
It is almost impossible to pigeonhole Gryphon, recently reformed nearly 40 years after a very successful spell throughout the 1970s, which included extensive touring in the States and Europe with Yes, Steeleye Span and Mahavishnu Orchestra. They even appeared on BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4, all in the same week! 
Gryphon stunned their faithful following four decades later in 2018 when they released their sixth studio album, ReInvention, to huge acclaim. Anyone who thought this was an isolated flash of brilliance now has another think coming as we announce a further brand-new release which proves to be every bit as unfathomably innovative and exciting. Continuing to display fine humour, it defies repetition in favour of seemingly constant streams of reinvention, perhaps even surpassing its predecessor in its richness.
1. Get Out Of My Father’s Car (Graeme Taylor/Brian Gulland) 4.04
2. A Bit of Music By Me (Andy and Gary Findon) 4.47
3. Percy The Defective Perspective Detective (Brian Gulland) 2.30
4. Christina’s Song (Clare Taylor/Christina Rossetti) 3.40
5. Suite for ’68 (Andy and Gary Findon) 5.03
6. The Brief History of a Bassoon (Graeme Taylor) 2.57
7. Forth Sahara (Rob Levy) 3.46
8. Krum Dancing (Graeme Taylor/Andy Findon) 5.25
9. A Stranger Kiss (Clare Taylor) 4.19
10. Normal Wisdom From The Swamp… (a sonic tonic) (Brian Gulland) 5.10
11. Parting Shot (Graeme Taylor) 5.52