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Format: CD
Artist: Gong
CatNo: 7714150
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Gong Flying Teapot Deluxe Daevid Allen Steve Hillage 2CD
A 2019 edition of Gong’s Virgin label debut Flying Teapot, remastered from the original master tapes by Simon Heyworth.
Expanded with rare out-takes and a concert recorded live at The Bataclan in Paris in May 1973.
Double CD.
DISC ONE: Remastered from the original Virgin masters for the first time
1. Radio Gnome Invisible 
2. Flying Teapot 
3. The Pothead Pixies 
4. The Octave Doctors and The Crystal Machine 
5. Zero The Hero and The Witch’s Spell 
6. Witch’s Song / I Am Your Pussy 
7. Radio Gnome Invisible (Rough Mix) 
8. Radio Gnome Premix (Story Narration) 
9. Flying Teapot (Mix 21) 
10. The Pot Head Pixies (Second To Last Mix) 
11. Flying Teapot (Rough Mix)
DISC TWO: Live at The Bataclan – May 20th 1973
1. Zero The Hero and The Witches Spell 
2. Ooby-Scooby Doomsday or The D-Day Dj's Got The D.D.T Blues
3. Est-ce Que Je Suis? 
4. I’ve Bin Stoned Before 
5. Mr Longshanks / Oh Mother 
6. I Am Your Fantasy 
7. You Can’t Kill Me 
8. Flying Teapot 
9. Dynamite (reprise)