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Format: Vinyl
Artist: GNAC
CatNo: VF707
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GNAC The_Echoes_On_Departure Ochre_vinyl Mark_Tranmer Signed
The Echoes on Departure is the seventh album from GNAC, a musical project composer Mark Tranmer (The Montgolfier Brothers) began in 1990. 
Tranmer says of The Echoes on Departure: “I finished previous album “Afternoon Frost” in 2021 - and straight away I could hear the beginnings of the next album. It is different from the previous album; more electronic, but still with some of my favourite chord progressions - and a few new ones. I also felt strongly that this album it needed a voice on two tracks  and was delighted that Constant Follower's Kathleen Stosch provided that voice - and took those tracks beyond my envision.” 
Very limited (107 copies globally) ochre vinyl edition with reverse-board outer sleeve. All artwork by Timothy O'Donnell. A signed postcard is included with each copy.
“Tranmer's music has been one of the soundtracks to my life for many years now, not least during the writing of my new novel. I love the way his supple, original music can either soothe you in the background or absorb you in the foreground." - Jonathan Coe, author of The Rotters Club and Bournville
1. Bees
2. Anna in Winter
3. Consumed by Friction 
4. A Simple Flower
5. Wait...
1. Fjórhentur Vals
2. Betweenness
3. Nightjar Retrospective 
4. Golden Crackle Effect 
5. Tenebrous Autumn
6. Until the Heart Stops