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Artist: Georg Purvis
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Georg Purvis Elvis Costello and the Attractio On Track book
Elvis Costello and The Attractions On Track explores every album, every song, and every non-album B-side or contemporary cast-off from the band’s all-too-brief whirlwind decade of existence (between 1977 and 1986).
Costello, along with Steve Nieve, Pete Thomas, and Bruce Thomas, forged a hectic and, at times, baffling career trajectory that often ignored commercial considerations in favour of artistic freedom and expression.
Georg Purvis is the author of Queen: The Complete Works and Pink Floyd In the 1970s. His first Elvis Costello albums were This Year’s Model and When I Was Cruel, both purchased at the same time in 2002. He has seen Elvis live about a dozen times since 2007 and is always thrilled to report that each concert had been spectacularly different from the previous one. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Meredith, and their two cats, Spencer and William.