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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Michael William Gilbert
CatNo: G-009
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Michael William Gilbert Voice Ping Strum Vinyl Ambient
Voice Ping Strum arrives on the 40th anniversary of Michael William Gilbert’s debut album, Moving Pictures (the title is an anagram of that first one). 
Recording and mixing were done in MWG’s studio using modular synths, alongside some sampled voice and piano. 
Limited edition vinyl cut at Abbey Road by Sean Magee. 
Michael William Gilbert is a composer, recording artist, and teacher of electronic music, for over 40 years. His music is a creative mix of electronic, jazz, world, and contemporary classical idioms and has featured Adam Holzman, Mark Walker, Peter Kaukonen, David Moss, and Tony Vacca. He has also designed and built electronic music equipment, using it in his own studio and making it available to other musicians.
Side One
1) Flowers of Edo (21:30)
Side Two
1) Palimpsest (16:52)