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Ends Meeting
Artist: David Cross & Andrew Booker
Format: cd

A ‘lost album’ from 2006 of innovative improvs and textural excursions by David Cross (ex-King Cr..
Mythodea - available on vinyl for the first time - is an epic choral symphony by Vangelis, origin..
Bass Communion II / III
Artist: Bass Communion
Format: cd

Back in print, the classic second Bass Communion album, with the previously mail order only third..
Dead Bees On A Cake [Expanded Edition]
Artist: David Sylvian
Format: vinyl

David Sylvian's album from 1999 on 2 x 180g black vinyl for the first time.    ..
The Pink Years Albums 1970-1973
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Format: boxset

A 2018 4 CD set gathering together remastered editions of the first four albums by Tangerine Drea..
Dream Theory In The IE
Artist: Henderson / Oken
Format: cd

A Djam Karet side-project featuring live to digital recordings from three December 2010 perf..
The Waiting Room
Artist: Ukab Maerd
Format: cd

A Djam Karet side-project from Gayle Ellett and Chuck Oken, jr with guest Richard Pinhas (He..
Artist: Echo Engine
Format: cd

Ambient grooves and soundscapes featuring Theo Travis sax/flute.   Echo Engi..
Songs Of Refuge
Artist: Daniel Biro
Format: cd

Haunting ambient songs of darkness and light.   Written over a period of 20 ..
Shir Hadash
Artist: Daniel Biro
Format: cd

A collection of a-cappella gospel-inspired works for voices and electronics.   ..
Variants 4
Artist: Richard Barbieri
Format: cd

The Variants 4 EP is the fourth in a series of releases by Richard Barbieri that collects dispara..
The Unintended Consequences Of Architecture
Artist: David Clifton
Format: cd

A recording of Ambient Abstract Guitar compositions featuring electric guitar and ethereal guitar..
Live Vol.1 Improvisational Duets With Guitar
Artist: David Clifton & George Middlebrooks
Format: cd

A one hour concert of experimental Ambient guitar improvisations recorded live at the Pilot Light..
The Sessions 1
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Format: cd

TD has returned to its pioneering 1970s days, by including a half-hour improvisation during every..
Suite For Piano And Electronics
Artist: Matt Baber
Format: cd

The 10 part Suite For Piano And Electronics is the first, officially released, album from Sanguin..
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