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Artist: Gary Steel
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Gary Steel Gentle Giant On Track book Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant On Track takes a microscopic look at each of the Giant’s brilliantly inventive studio albums and provides fresh assessments of the many live and 'odds’n’sods' recordings, as well as ruminating on available DVD/Blu-ray documentary and performance footage. 
Gary Steel’s book tells the story of one of progressive music’s most fascinating groups and the thrilling - and occasionally tortuous - ride the Shulman brothers and key band-mates like Kerry Minnear and Gary Green experienced along the way.
121 pages
Gary Steel is a New Zealand-based journalist who has developed severe tinnitus from attending far too many thousands of rock gigs in his 40-plus years of rock writing, in which he has also interviewed a who’s who of contemporary music and reviewed just about every record going for whoever would publish his pungent opinions. As a pimply adolescent with Rick Wakeman hair, he tried unsuccessfully to turn his schoolmates away from their obsessions with glam and disco and convert them to ELP, King Crimson and Gentle Giant fandom. He has edited and published several music magazines, run his own record shop and is a late-in-life first-time Dad of young kids who he is trying unsuccessfully to convert to the greats of progressive rock.