Price: £19.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gandalf's Fist
CatNo: PLG098
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Gandalfs Fist Road to Darkness Vinyl
Please note, the final 2 copies have either a seam split or a creased corner. Sold as seen, no returns.
Gandalf's Fist’s 2011 studio release reissued on 180g vinyl in a single sleeve with full-colour 2-sided pic/lyric insert.
Floydian overtones and swirling Space Rock elements combine beautifully on what was the Fist’s second album.

Featuring the band's preferred special-edition mix and watercolour art by Daniel Pearce.

'If ever there was one of our albums that was made for Vinyl, this was it!' - GF

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Side 1
1. No Place Cyclone 2:33
2. Emerald Eyes 4:34
3. Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks 1:40
4. Into The Dark (Containing Emerald Eyes Reprise) 7:15
5. Twilight At The Gates Of The Prism Moon 3:31
Side 2
1. The Sulfur Highways Of Io 4:36
2. Untrodden Ways 3:50
3. Road To Darkness 5:31
4. The Council Of Anderson 6:19
5. Assorted Lunatics 2:53