The third edition of The Discipline Era Transcriptions includes full-band transcriptions and tabs covering one of King Crimson's most innovative eras.
Discipline, Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair have been meticulously transcribed by Gabriel Riccio. Editing and tabs by Trey Gunn.
Gabriel Riccio set the standard for deep and thorough transcriptions with the King Crimson THRAK book. Trey Gunn was a member King Crimson for 10 years and has worked with Robert Fripp for nearly 20 years.
Proof-readers include Matt Tate, Dean Pascarella, Anthony Garone and Stan Chong.
Produced on high-quality paper in 9"x12" format, spiral bound for lay-flat-open reading. 256 B&W pages with colour cover.
Discipline --
Elephant Talk
Frame by Frame
Matte Kudasai
Thela Hun Ginjeet
The Sheltering Sky
Beat --
Neal and Jack and Me
Sartori in Tangier
Waiting Man
Two Hands
The Howler
Three of a Perfect Pair --
Three of a Perfect Pair
Model Man
Man With an Open Heart
Dig Me
Larks Tongues in Aspic (Part III)
Tony Levin's "The King Crimson Barbershop”