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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Frank Zappa
CatNo: 5527080
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Frank_Zappa Funky_Nothingness Double_vinyl
Funky Nothingness contains studio pieces from 1970.
A follow up to The Hot Rats Sessions, Frank Zappa utilised a stripped-down line-up featuring Don “Sugarcane” Harris on violin and vocals.
The music revolves around instrumental and blues-oriented material and consists of many unreleased tracks that FZ kept his eye on throughout his career. 

Double vinyl containing all the tracks from the project that Zappa edited and mixed.

Another lost masterpiece from the FZ vaults.

Side 1
1. Funky Nothingness
2. Tommy/Vincent Duo I
3. Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild
4. I'm A Rollin' Stone
Side 2
1. Chunga's Revenge (Basement Version)
2. Basement Jam
Side 3
1. Work With Me Annie / Annie Had A Baby
2. Tommy/Vincent Duo II
3. Sharleena (1970 Record Plant Mix)
Side 4
1. Khaki Sack
2. Twinkle Tits