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Format: T-shirt
Artist: The Resonance Association

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The Resonance Association No Secrets Only Codes T-shirt CDR
A high-quality Gildan Ultra T-shirt with a QR code on the front and text on the back.
CDRs packaged in uniquely-numbered cards and envelopes (similar to the band's previous release "dronezero").
Limited edition.
music improvised by the resonance association: daniel vincent + dominic hemy
recorded and mixed by daniel vincent
t-shirt design by carl glover for aleph studio
"We were asked in March 2010 to create a soundtrack for an independent film. This seemed like an ideal opportunity for us to create some textural drone music in the tradition of our previous releases Northern Coastline Soundtrack and dronezero."
"The music presented here is our condensed version of the soundtrack, which we both agreed deserved to be heard in all its atonal glory."
"The t-shirt, designed with our dear friend Carl Glover, brings physical and virtual music distribution together: rather than us simply presenting the track as a download, you as the wearer will be able to share our soundtrack wherever you go."