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The Complete Recordings
Artist: Peter Banks / Harmony In Diversity
Format: boxset

The first ever mainstream release of the Harmony In Diversity recordings.   An explo..
Unattended Luggage (CD)
Artist: Nick Mason
Format: boxset

Nick Mason’s 1980s solo albums available for the first time in over 20 years as part of a limited..
Under Our Black Cult
Artist: Rotting Christ
Format: boxset

Marking 30 years of the band, Under Our Black Cult is a deluxe 5 CD, 72 page book-set charting th..
The Elements Of King Crimson - 2018 Tour Box
Artist: King Crimson
Format: cd

A companion to the successful 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Tour Boxes, the 2018 Elements Tour Box wa..
Strange Worlds: A Collection 1980–2010
Artist: Woolly Wolstenholme (& Maestoso)
Format: boxset

Strange Worlds - A Collection 1980 – 2010 is a 7CD box set containing every album by Barclay Jame..
Without Mercy
Artist: The Durutti Column
Format: cd

An expanded 4CD deluxe edition of Without Mercy, the fourth - suite-like - album by The Duru..
120 Onetwenty
Artist: Daniel Biro
Format: boxset

Daniel Biro’s 120 Onetwenty is an hour long instrumental vintage keyboards suite.   ..
A Dream Imagined
Artist: Enchant
Format: boxset

A limited edition 10CD set collecting all Enchant's studio albums, plus 2 discs of bonus material..
Where the Stars Will Give Way to the Morning
Artist: The Curator
Format: cd

A collection of 8 songs, Alistair Murphy’s ambitious 2018 album features contributions from Steve..
I Lost My Head (The Chrysalis Years 1975-1980)
Artist: Gentle Giant
Format: boxset

A 2018 re-pressing of the 2012 4CD set collecting all of Gentle Giant's 'Chrysalis' albums alongs..
Live in Vienna, December 1st: 2016
Artist: King Crimson
Format: cd

A triple CD set featuring King Crimson's complete concert from Vienna on Dec. 1st 2016, mixed fro..
Suede 25th Anniversary Silver Edition
Artist: Suede
Format: boxset

A 4CD /1DVD deluxe edition of Suede’s 1993 debut release featuring the original album, period b-s..
The Studio Albums 1979 - 1987
Artist: Sky
Format: boxset

Featuring remastered audio, The Studio Albums 1979-1987 collects all seven studio albums released..
Still There’ll Be More An Anthology 1967-2017
Artist: Procol Harum
Format: boxset

Still There’ll Be More is a 5cd/3dvd limited edition super deluxe boxed set celebr..
All Sides Of The Roxy - May 1978
Artist: Todd Rundgren
Format: boxset

A superb entry in the Todd Rundgren Archive Series, this 3CD box set contains Todd’s en..
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