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Satisfaction Guaranteed - The Sound of Philadelphia International Records Volume 2
Artist: Various Artists
Format: boxset
Availability: 19-11-2021
United Souls, in conjunction with Legacy Recordings, is delighted to celebrate the 50th anniversa..
Phenomena / Dream Runner / Innervision / Anthology
Artist: Phenomena
Format: cd
Availability: 29-10-2021
A four CD collection in a clamshell box containing the first three albums by Phenomena, plus the ..
Think I’m Going Weird: Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-68
Artist: Various Artists
Format: boxset
Availability: 29-10-2021
The Grapefruit label’s landmark 100th release is a definitive overview of the British psychedelic..
Breakthrough – Underground Sounds of 1971
Artist: Various Artists
Format: cd
Availability: 29-10-2021
A 4CD clamshell boxset celebrating the finest musical sounds of the British 'Underground" and Pro..
A View From The Top Of The World (Artbook)
Artist: Dream Theater
Format: cd/blu-ray
Availability: 22-10-2021
Limited Deluxe 2CD/Blu-Ray Artbook edition of Dream Theater's fifteenth studio album. Even af..
Technical Ecstasy - Super Deluxe
Artist: Black Sabbath
Format: boxset

A Super Deluxe 4CD boxset edition of Black Sabbath’s most creatively daring release (Technica..
Artist: Uriah Heep
Format: boxset

A 6CD boxset, Choices features a personal selection of Uriah Heep songs from across the band..
Out Of This World - Live (1970-1997)
Artist: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Format: boxset
Availability: 29-10-2021
A 7CD box set collecting five remastered ELP performances from 1970 to 1997, culminating in an un..
Fugazi (deluxe)
Artist: Marillion
Format: boxset

A deluxe 3CD/1Blu-Ray re-mixed edition of Fugazi, Marillion's second studio album from 1984. ..
Songs Of The Wildlands
Artist: Clive Nolan
Format: boxset

Clive Nolan’s Song Of The Wildlands is based on one of the epics of Old English literature, Beowu..
The Elements Of King Crimson - 2021 Tour Box
Artist: King Crimson
Format: cd

A 2021 addition to the popular Tour Box series originally prepared for the ‘Music is our Friend’ ..
Artist: Faust
Format: boxset

The first virtually complete collection of Faust works from the years 1971-1974, B..
All Things Must Pass (Super Deluxe)
Artist: George Harrison
Format: boxset

A 5CD/Blu-ray 2021 super deluxe edition of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass with a new mix ..
The Charisma Years
Artist: Van Der Graaf Generator
Format: boxset

A deluxe 20 disc (17 CD / 3 Blu Ray) box set covering Van der Graaf Generator’s entire recorded w..
Who Do You Think We Are? (Limited)
Artist: Caravan
Format: boxset

Who Do You Think We Are? is a 37 disc Deluxe Box Set that celebrates the just..
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