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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Ian Cooke
CatNo: GTC013
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cd dvd Ian Cooke Antiquasauria Surround


Singer, songwriter, cellist and pianist Ian Cooke presents the unique Antiquasauria project.
Chronicling 'the age of dinosaurs', Antiquasauria is a giddy mix of Indie Pop (Sufjan Stevens, XTC), Progressive (Fripp/Crimson) and Minimalist Classical influences.
This limited 'origami jacket' edition contains a CD, a 16-page colouring book with lyrics, and a DVD including a 5.1 surround mix (by Neil Wilkes), plus lyrics, instrumental mixes, and more. 
A truly immersive musical experience!


1. Prologue
2. Stegosaurus
3. Diplodocus
4. Microraptor
5. Polycotylus
6. Parasaurolophus
7. Quetzalcoatlus
8. Tyrannosaurus
9. Extinction
10. Epilogue


Ian Cooke - voice, cello, keyboards 
Sean Merrell - drums, percussion 
Ian O'Dougherty - guitar 
Whit Sibley - bass 
Produced and recorded by Ian O'Dougherty. 
Engineered, recorded, mixed, and co-produced by Chris Fogal in Denver, CO. 
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow in Boulder, CO. 
5.1 surround mix and DVD authoring by Neil Wilkes in London, UK.