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Format: CD
Artist: Fish On Friday
CatNo: EANTCD1100
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Fish_On_Friday 8mm CD Nick_Beggs
Fish On Friday’s sixth studio album once more offers a selection of well-crafted art pop and progressive rock songs with lush vocal harmonies.
This highly anticipated follow up to Black Rain features a line-up of Nick Beggs (bass, vocals, co-producer), Frank van Bogaert (keyboards, vocals, co-producer), Marty Townsend (guitars) and Marcus Weymaere (drums). 
1 8mm
2 Collateral Damage
3 Overture to Flame
4 Flame
5 Jump This Wall
6 Don’t Lose Your Spirit
7 Funerals
8 Silently Raging
9 Instillers
10 A New Home
11 Life is Like the Weather