Price: £12.50
Format: CD
Artist: Dwight Ashley & Dieter Moebius
CatNo: CURIO15
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Dwight Ashley Dieter Moebius Objective Objects CD
The final studio release of Dieter Moebius, best known as a member of the influential German bands Cluster and Harmonia.
CD in a limited edition of 1000 with liner and production notes by Tim Story.
An emotional one this one is. Though for those of use who continue to mourn the loss of our friend Dieter Moebius (who passed away in July 2015) and knew him well, or even knew his music well, it will be of little surprise to find that the music of Objective Objects, much like the man, would have little time for elegy. In fact, there’s no other way to say it, OO brings on the funk. 
Moebius’s ever fascinating plastic, bizarre cornucopia of noises is suitably aligned on this occasion to a full-bodied muscularity which Dwight Ashley brings to the mix, avoiding delicacy but not at the expense of subtlety and texture. Those familiar with Ashley’s highly experimental (and well worth investigating) solo albums may recognize a familiar sense of abstraction which perfectly complements Moebius’s obsession with the strange. It is this juxtaposition that makes for a fascinating listen. 
A work brimming with an effervescent energy and creativity that is fully ALIVE.
1 Ruinart 5:16
2 Schtalker 4:06
3 Specious Reptiles 4:17
4 Schraubensprechen 2:19
5 Invention X 6:35
6 Eructation 4:12
7 Infidel 7:29
8 Helicobacter 3:46
9 Obfuscation ##2 6:12
10 Palaver 4:39
11 Flohzirkus 2:18
12 House Of Hard Bargains 4:30