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Format: cd
Artist: Dreadlock Tales & Mikko Heikinpoika
CatNo: CDDUBM108
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Dreadlock Tales Mikko Heikinpoika Sonic Artifact CD
A single piece, influenced as much by psychedelic and stoner rock as by dub reggae and the blues, Sonic Artifact explores the possibilities of ambient, drone, dub and techno. 
The album was crafted over a five year period by Helsinki-based Dreadlock Tales with the help of throat singer and Igil player Mikko Heikinpoika.
Utilising Moog, electric Tanpura, sequenced synthesizers, forest field recordings, Tuvan throat singing, Igil, downtuned guitar, Kantele and Melodica, Sonic Artifact is an epic and atmospheric electronic odyssey; a love song to the infinite cosmos that warps time and bass.
CD in digipak.
1 Sonic Artifact, Part 1
2 Sonic Artifact, Part 2
3 Sonic Artifact, Part 3
4 Sonic Artifact, Part 4
5 Sonic Artifact, Part 5

Kimmo Ilmari Tyni - Sequencers, synthesizers, guitar, kantele, melodica, electric tanpura & field recordings.

Mikko Heikinpoika - Throat singing & igil