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Artist: Anil Prasad
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Anil Prasad Innerviews eBook
'Innerviews: Music Without Borders' is the first book by acclaimed music journalist, Anil Prasad.
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Twenty-four of the world's most respected musicians share incredibly candid and in-depth thoughts on the nature of the creative process, their conflicts and collaborations, and the realities of the contemporary music business.
Artists featured in the book include David Sylvian, Jon Anderson, Bjork, Bill Bruford, Martin Carthy, Bill Laswell, John McLaughlin, Tangerine Dream and David Torn.
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"Thoughtful and literate music writing." - Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree
"Unapologetically in love with music and its manifold processes, Anil Prasad offers a unique combination of focused interest and humane insight into not only how his subjects' music is made, but also why it is so. His interviews take readers deep into musicians' psyches, as well as their motivations, joys, ears, and aspirations." - David Torn
"Anil Prasad's Innerviews: Music Without Borders, is one of the most fascinating reads on the creative process of some of the most exciting contemporary musicians working today. Those who love individualistic, genre-smashing artists will cherish each and every one of these interviews and perhaps be introduced to new music that they will glad to hear for the first time. In a period when culture seems to be all about reality TV, and fame for doing nothing, a book that exposes and digs into truly creative people, with deep wells of desire to communicate in a highly personal matter, is a light shining in the darkness of the mediocrity that surrounds us today." - Michael Shrieve
Press quotes:
"Prasad's concise and to-the-point direction leads diverse artists to expound on subjects for which they are truly passionate. Seek out Innerviews and support writing that allows artists' voices to be accurately heard."
--No Depression
"Prasad gets artists to share their deepest thoughts about a wide range of topics, from spiritual inspiration and motives to compositional methods. A fascinating look at the thinking of contemporary artists."
--Christian Science Monitor
"The most probing, revelatory music journalism I've read in quite some time is Prasad's Innerviews. The book sets the bar for getting musicians to speak candidly and thoughtfully about their work and relation to the world."
--Ottawa Citizen
"Prasad has a reputation for incisive, substantive journalism. His comprehensive approach yields fascinating insights even artists themselves sometimes find surprising. Essential reading for thinking fans."
--Guitar Player Magazine
"The conversations are unusually intimate and candid, with the artists sharing thoughts on their creative processes, careers and aspirations, today's music business and other topics. Fascinating stuff."