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Artist: Don Airey
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Don Airey K2 Tales of Triumph and Tragedy limited boxset cd dvd


Don Airey's K2 was recorded in 1988 and originally released worldwide on MCA Records.


It was inspired by an article written by mountaineer Jim Curran about his harrowing experiences on the 1986 expedition to K2 that claimed the life of 12 climbers. 


The album features the talents of the late great Cozy Powell on drums, Gary Moore on guitar, and Chris Thompson, Colin Blunstone and Mel Galley on vocals.


Signed and numbered limited box set edition with CD, DVD (ntsc, region 0), map, foldout booklet, and glossy photograph.


CD - Original Album


1. K2 Overture

2. Sea of Dreams - Part I

3. Sea of Dreams - Part II

4. Voice of the Mountain

5. Song for AI - Instrumental

6. Balti Lament

7. Ascent To Camp 4

8. Can't Make Up your Mind

9. Summit Fever

10. Close to the Sky

11. Blues for J.T.

12. Julie (If You Leave Me)

13. Death Zone/Whiteout

14. Song for AI - Reprise

15. Song for AI - Vocal


Bonus Tracks


16. K2 Overture - Monitor Mix

17. Close to the Sky - Monitor Mix

18. Whiteout - Monitor Mix

19. Can't Make up your Mind - Demo

20. Song for AI - Demo

21. Song for AI - Portastudio demo

22. Take me Home


DVD (NTSC region 0)


The Original Full Length Feature Songs From K2

K2 Overture - Live in the studio 2017

Song for AI - Live in the studio 2017

Don Airey Interviews: Introduction, The concept, The guests, The original 1988 EPK and promo video featuring Colin Blunstone.

Narrated by Gordon Honeycombe

Featuring Chris Thompson, Colin Blunstone, Cozy Powell and Gary Moore