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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Deep Purple
CatNo: 0219140EMU
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Produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin=1 captures Deep Purple’s classic sound without relying on nostalgia, imbuing the essence and attitude of the band's 1970s incarnation with a contemporary energy.
Following three consecutive No.1 albums, =1 finds Deep Purple at a commercial and creative pinnacle.
Limited 180g double purple LP in gatefold edition. Includes a 12-page vinyl sized booklet.
1. Show Me
2. A Bit On The Side
3. Sharp Shooter
4. Portable Door
1. Old-Fangled Thing
2. If I Were You
3. Pictures Of You
4. I’m Saying Nothin’
1. Lazy Sod
2. Now You’re Talkin’
3. No Money To Burn
1. I’ll Catch You
2. Bleeding Obvious