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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Dead Can Dance
CatNo: CAD3629
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Dead Can Dance Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun vinyl
A 2016 4AD label reissue of Dead Can Dance's third and perhaps best album (originally released in 1987). 
An intense period of musical and personal growth for the band resulted in this unique collection that utilised Lisa Gerard's astonishing voice, Brendan Perry's inimitable croon, ethereal church choirs, sweeping strings and influences Middle Eastern, Indian and Moorish ethnic music.
Side One:
1. Anywhere Out of the World (5:08) 
2. Windfall (3:30) 
3. In the Wake of Adversity (4:14) 
4. Xavier (6:16) 
Side Two:
1. Dawn of the Iconoclast (2:06) 
2. Cantara (5:58) 
3. Summoning of the Muse (4:55) 
4. Persephone (the Gathering of Flowers) (6:36)