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Format: CD
Artist: David Cross
CatNo: CLO0885
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David Cross Crossing The Tracks CD
A 2018 collection of studio recordings from former King Crimson violinist David Cross presenting a diverse array of styles and moods.
Including instrumental and vocal tracks, guest singers include Sonja Kraushofer, Anne-Marie Hurst, Ofra Haza, and Eva O.
1.    White Bird feat. Sonja Kraushofer
2.    Kalahari Fantasy
3.    For What It's Worth feat. Anne-Marie Hurst
4.    Prince Of Darkness
5.    Love Me feat. Ofra Haza
6.    Into The Oblique
7.    The Light Inside Me feat. Kimberly Freeman
8.    Shifting Sands
9.    Hero Of Kingdom feat. Marion Küchenmeister
10.  Hallelujah
11.  The Key feat. Ofra Haza
12.  Shadows Do Know feat. Eva O