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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Pen
CatNo: JAR035
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Dave Pen Abran Wish and The Light Party CD

An atmospheric hybrid of Alternative, Progressive, Post-Punk and Electronic influences, Abran Wish & The Light Party is the powerful debut solo release from Dave Pen (Archive/Birdpen).

A concept record about a cult called The Light Party and its leader, the lyrics deal with how easily people can be manipulated through fear, feelings, love and control. Pen says the album is, “A story about someone who was lost with nothing, but is then given a new chance of life from a higher power which leads the main character on a journey from light into darkness and beyond.”

CD in Lancing Package with booklet

1 – Awakening
2 – Unseen Unheard Unknown
3 – Abran & Adele
4 – It Won’t Be Like The Movies
5 – Recruit
6 – Caged Oceans
7 – Death Of Adele
8 - The Storm
9 - Bound