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Artist: Colin Edwin
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Colin Edwin PVZ Flac Download
Released in USB format, 'PVZ' is Porcupine Tree bass player Colin Edwin's second full length solo album, and features 11 tracks that effortlessly span the ethereal to the rhythmically vital.
In part, the album was inspired by the life and work of Hungarian author, physician, playwright and musician Géza Csáth, who explored some of life's darker themes in his writing: drug addiction, madness, obsession, murder and mental disturbance.
Across its 11 tracks, 'PVZ' journeys from the optimistic 'odd time' jaunt of 'Opium' to the double bass led meditation 'Frozen Hours', and ends on the appropriately melancholic, 'The Final Scene'.
Highlights include the 7 minute dreamstate soundscape of 'Endless Ascent', the gentle, quirky fretless bass workout of 'A Dream Forgotten' and the discordant and quirky 'Filled With Colour'.
Avaialble as high quality mp3's and FLAC download, comes with printable artwork designed by Carl Glover. 
24bit/44kHz Flac
1. Opium (4.02)
2. Filled With Colour (6.16)
3. Endless Ascent (7.52)
4. Arms of Sunlight (4.50)
5. Interlude (2.53)
6. A Dream Forgotten (5.15)
7. The Surgeon (4.54)
8. Vicious Circles (5.03)
9. Empty Yourself (4.35)
10. Frozen Hours (7.21)
11. The Final Scene (4.30)
All Titles © Colin Edwin published by Monokotunes (BMI)
Played, recorded, mixed by Colin Edwin During 2011 @ Nightspace UK
Images by Colin Edwin with the assistance of Clair Jones.
Design by Carl Glover
Thanks to Ton Suwaphanit for his voice and positive message on 'Filled with Colour'.