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Format: CD
Artist: Caligula’s Horse
CatNo: 19439744612
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Caligulas Horse Rise Radiant Limited CD
Rise Radiant is the most focused and potent artistic statement yet from Caligula’s Horse
An uncompromising exploration, Rise Radiant features the Caligula’s Horse sound pushed to its extremes: at once its most ferocious and its most touching, its most expansive and its most condensed, its most poetic and its most vicious. 
Limited edition CD in digipak (featuring 2 bonus tracks).

The signed postcards have now gone.

1 The Tempest 00:04:50
2 Slow Violence 00:04:32
3 Salt 00:07:40
4 Resonate 00:02:37
5 Oceanrise 00:04:37
6 Valkyrie 00:05:11
7 Autumn 00:07:51
8 The Ascent 00:10:42
Bonus Tracks
9 Don't Give Up 00:05:14
10 Message To My Girl 00:03:56