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Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Bill Smith
CatNo: ISBN9781912733170S
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Bill Smith Cover Stories 5 Decades of Album Art Book Signed
A beautiful 12-inch square hardback book featuring the influential album art produced by Bill Smith Studio and the stories behind them. 
Across five decades Bill Smith Studio worked on countless covers for the likes of Kate BushLed ZeppelinKing CrimsonToyahMarillion, Genesis, No-Man, Thomas Dolby, Richard Barbieri, Mike Oldfield and others.
In Cover Stories you’ll find the stories of over 70 albums, featuring contributions from the bands, artists, photographers and painters involved, all offering a unique insight into the creation of several iconic sleeves.
Includes 40 album covers at original 12-inch size.
Signed and numbered hardback book within a slipcase.
Artists/covers with full album cover and full story -
The Jam x 4 albums
The Cure x first 2 albums
Genesis abacab 
Led Zeppelin remasters box set
Toyah  sheep farming 4 more albums
Thomas Dolby
Sigue Sigue Sputnik
King Crimson x frame by frame, great deceiver, thrak more
Eric Clapton
Kate Bush
Rolling Stones 
Mike Oldfield TBIII
Van Morrison Enlightenment 
No Man
Richard Barbieri Variants
Jack Bruce