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Bill Nelson The Dreamshire Chronicles Limited 2CD

Bill Nelson's The Dreamshire Chronicles from 2012 is an expansive album mixing vocal and instrumental pieces. 

A 2CD in digipak set. Issued as a single print run of 1000 copies on the Sonoluxe label. .

​01)  Prelude: The Night is Lit by Diamonds
02)  Welcome to Dreamshire (Monitor Mix)
03)  The Pleasure Boaters
04)  This Everyday World (Vocal Version)
05)  Rainboy and Whistledog
06)  Young Marvelman
07)  Garden Railway
08)  The Shimmering Threshold (on Your Bike Emperor Ming)
09)  Evening Star Electric Park
10)  Sailing to the Moon
11)  The Milky Way (Burning Bright)
12)  The Sparkling Idea
13)  Ghosts Wind the Parlour Clock
14)  Spooky Little Thing
15)  Now I Come to Think of It
16)  Spinning Pentagrams
17)  The Ruins of Youth, The Twang of Tomorrow
​01)  The Reality of Imagination
02)  Smoke Drifts Silent in Autumn Air
03)  Bubbledreamer
04)  My Little Book of Secret Knowledge
05)  Robots on Parade
06)  Dark and Complicated
07)  Blue Beams
08)  More Than Glory, More Than Gold
09)  The Lost Planet of Sunday Afternoon
10)  Mass Equals Energy
11)  The Light Gathering Garden of Omar Kadiz
12)  Windsong of the Flying Boy
13)  Henrietta Through the Looking Glass
14)  Luna on the Beach
15)  Neither Puck nor Pan
16)  Welcome to Dreamshire (Luxe Mix)
17)  This Everyday World (Instrumental Version)