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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD056
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Bill Nelson Mixed Up Kid CD
Following the 6CD My Private Cosmos set, Bill Nelson’s Mixed-Up Kid is a wildly varied collection of his most recent work.
"I chose the title of this album simply because it is, when all is said and done, an eclectic mix of tracks without adherence to any one particular genre. In that sense it certainly is a ‘mixed up’ album! On another level, the title harks back to my 1950’s childhood when the term ‘mixed up kid’ was often applied to any child who didn’t quite fit the behaviour patterns expected of children back then. I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘mixed up kid’, (though other’s may have done), but my tastes in music are wide and eclectic and I suppose, in that respect, they could be categorised as somewhat mixed up. I’ve always enjoyed fusing different genres together and I try not to lock music into tightly defined categories. Most of my work has taken that approach and this album is no different. These days, in music at least, there’s no need to show your passport at the frontier. So, sit back, listen and enjoy the kaleidoscopic ‘Mixed Up Kid’!" - Bill Nelson - 2021
CD in jewel case.


01:  Aeroplane Mind
02:  The Autumn Balloonist
03:  A Pond For The Moon
04:  Channel Surfing
05:  Flowers And Stars
06:  Saturn's Groove
07:  She Sees Me Sleeping
08:  Switchback
09:  Maybe It's My Eyes
10:  The Enchanted Cathedral
11:  She's Got Flower Power
12:  Nowhere In Particular
13:  Mixed Up Kid
14:  Far Beyond The West Of Me
15:  This Information Arrives From Dreams
16:  Wild And Serene
17:  Moon Over Echo Lake
18:  A Touch Of Body And Soul
19:  Longing For Light