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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Bruford's Earthworks
CatNo: BBSF009CD
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Bill Brufords Earthworks Earthworks CD Bill Bruford Summerfold
Produced by and featuring Dave Stewart, the 1987 debut album by Bill Bruford’s innovative group Earthworks (with Ian Ballamy, Django Bates and Mick Hutton) was a surprising and delightful fusion of Rock technology and Jazz sensibilities.
1. Thud 
2. Making A Song And Dance 
3. Up North 
4. Pressure 
5. My Heart Declares A Holiday 
6. Emotional Shirt 
7. It Needn't End In Tears 
8. Shepherd Is Eternal 
9. The Bridge Of Inhibition 
10. A Stone's Throw 
11. All Heaven Broke Loose