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Artist: Bill Bruford
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Bill Bruford Uncharted signed book
Bill Bruford’s Uncharted explores the creativity involved in the way drummers make things work, make things matter, and make sense of both.
The book draws on interviews with nine top drummers - including Peter Erskine, Chad Wackerman and Dylan Howe - and Bruford’s own experience. 
What do expert drummers do? Why do they do it? Is there anything creative about it? If so, how might that creativity inform their practice and that of others in related artistic spheres? Applying ideas from cultural psychology to findings from original research into the creative behaviors of a specific subset of popular music instrumentalists, Bruford demonstrates the ways in which expert drummers experience creativity in performance and offers fresh insights into in-the-moment interactional processes in music.
282 page paperback book.
All copies come signed by Bill Bruford.