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Artist: Behemoth
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Behemoth were formed in Poland by band mastermind Nergal in 1991. 
The band's sound grew from an unusual combination of strong Black Metal roots & powerful atmospherics into brutal Extreme Metal of the original kind.
Satanica was Behemoth's fourth album. Originally released in 1999, and recorded at Starcraft Stimulation Studios, the album was produced & mixed by Nergal, and contains 8 songs of pummelling, blackened, Death Metal. 
Technical riffs and whirlwind drums, back up mainman Nergal's unearthly vocals to produce the band's most intense & brutal release.
Behemoth are one of the true leaders of the Extreme Metal scene with a strong catalogue of albums and years of extensive live work, allied to an increasing mastery of the genre.
Brutal and incomparable.
Decade Of Oepion 
Ceremony Of Shiva 
Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality 
The Sermon To The Hypocrites 
The Alchemist's Dream 
Chant For EZXHATON 2000