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Format: CD
Artist: Banco De Gaia
CatNo: GKOCD022
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The 9th Of Nine Hearts Banco De Gaia cd
An enchanting journey through nine responses to love, Banco de Gaia's 2016 studio album features guests including Pink Floyd's Dick Parry, Zero 7's Sophie Barker, The The's James Eller and No-Man's Tim Bowness, 
Fusing ambient, psychedelia, prog/art rock and acid house, each track evolves naturally into the next, with love the starting point to them all.
A piercing lament for a troubled time.
1. Nine Hearts 
2. Burn the Witch 
3. Warp and Weft 
4. Le Foucauld 
5. No Hablo Italiano
6. Is-Is Loves Ankh-An-Atum 
7. And So We Dream of Futures Lost 
8. 91 
9. The Princess and the Sky Goat 
10. My Midnight Sun 
11. This Heart