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Format: CD
Artist: Twelfth Night
CatNo: TN003CD
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Twelfth Night Smiling At Grief - Revisited CD
Celebrating 40 years since the original release of Twelfth Night’s Smiling At Grief, a variety of artists have remixed the album utilising the original master tracks.
Mixes come from Steven WilsonTim Bowness and Brian HulseAndy Tillison, Peter JonesSimon GodfreyRob Reed, GalahadLee Abraham & Stu Nicholson, Karl GroomDean Baker, and Mark Spencer.
Some pieces are straight remixes, some have been enhanced with new instrumentation, and some have been radically reworked. 
1. East Of Eden (Steven Wilson)
2. This City (Peter Jones)
3. The Honeymoon Is Over (Karl Groom)
4. Creepshow (Simon Godfrey)
5. Puppets (intro) (Mark Spencer)
6. Puppets (Rob Reed & Lee Abraham & Stuart Nicholson)
7. Three Dancers (Steven Wilson)
8. Makes No Sense (new recording by Tim Bowness & Brian Hulse)
9. Fur Helene Part II (Dean Baker)
Bonus Tracks:
10. Puppets (Steven Wilson)
11. The Honeymoon Is Over (Andy Tillison)
12. Creepshow (Paul Hodson)
13. Puppets (Rob Reed & Galahad)
14. Three Dancers (Gareth Cole)
15. Makes No Sense (Mark Spencer)
16. East Of Eden extended (Steven Wilson)