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Format: CD
Artist: Grice
CatNo: CDHS001
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Propeller Grice CD
'Propeller' is the debut solo album from singer-songwriter, Grice. 
A restless and multi-layered combination of electro-acoustic glitch, art-rock and crafted experimental pop, with a richly detailed production sheen, the album features performances from BJ Cole, Markus Reuter, Lee Fletcher, Raphael Ravenscroft, jazz trumpeter Luca Calabrese, violinist Steve Bingham, 05Ric and more .
The 13 track album is produced by Lee Fletcher (Unsung Productions), co-produced by Grice and mastered by the legendary Simon Heyworth. 
The cd is presented in an elegant card digi-pack with original artwork courtesy of British artist Elizabeth McAlpine.
Uncompromising and uplifting, Propeller is a deeply personal record that transcends boundaries and genres.
‘Propeller is a revelation, its glorious textures and instrumentation drawing the listener in as it flows seamlessly from one song to the next, never losing its intensity.  The four-part title track is particularly breathtaking. With Propeller Grice has created a genuinely extraordinary slice of experimental rock.’ - Classic Rock presents PROG (May 2012)
Grice presents a gripping and poignant collection off acoustic rock diamonds on this remarkable debut.’ - The Musician (Musicians Union Journal 2012)
Propeller has the effortlessness of something that has been born out of necessity and the intricacy that signifies people who know what they're doing. Vocally, Grice inhabits that space that could only be described as that of the modern post-Prog milieu: mixing the intensity of Mark Hollis or Tim Bowness with a Beatle-esque sweetness.’ - Chris Jones  (BBC Producer and Writer)
1. Patiently 06:32
2. Let It Go 04:57
3. Slowdive 03:19
4. Highly Strung 04:11
5. 214 Squadron 00:35
6. Propeller 09:58
7. Propeller (Coda) 01:33
8. Lost and Found (006.5) 07:08
9. Broken Arrow 05:35
10. Propeller Overture 01.06
11. Summer Screams 01:36
12. The Cage 03:47
13. Propeller (Reprise) 01.15