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Format: CD
Artist: Franck Carducci & Mary Reynaud
CatNo: VOC10292
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Franck_Carducci Mary_Reynaud Naked CD
An intimate collection Franck Carducci and Mary Reynaud pieces featuring stripped-down arrangements.
"When we are both together, we often pick up a guitar and start singing songs. On stage or on a sofa, these songs could be our own or songs we borrow from others, old or new. During the full moon in January 2023, we decided to record them in the studio. Through these versions, more intimate and with minimalist arrangements, we wanted to share this “naked” dimension of our music with you all. This album is a gift to thank every one of you for all the love and support you have given us through the years.
We would like to thank our special guest Laura Cox and super sound engineer Christian Morfin." - Franck Carducci
CD in digipak.
1. Under the Figtree
2. Slave to Rock 'n' Roll
3. S&M
4. A Brief Tale of Time
5. Demain Je Partirai
6. Alice's Eerie Dream
7. Magic Passerelle
8. Dancing in the Dark
9. Artificial Paradises