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Format: CD
Artist: Djam Karet
CatNo: HC016
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The Trip Djam Karet CD
US sonic warriors Djam Karet return after an 8 year gap.
Featuring a single 47 minute-long track, The Trip is a psychedelic journey drawing on 60s experimentalism, Progressive invention and Krautrock strangeness. 
A soundtrack of a trip to places both familiar and otherworldly. 

1. The Trip (47:08)

- Gayle Ellett / Analog & Digital Synths, Organ, Mellotron, Greek Bouzouki, Flute, Field Recordings and Effects
- Mike Henderson / Electric Guitars, E-Bow and Effects
- Aaron Kenyon / Electric 5-String Bass and Effects
- Mike Murray / Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow and Wffects
- Chuck Oken, Jr. / Drums & Percussion, Analog & Digital Synths, Live Samples and Processing