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Format: CD
Artist: Nerve Toy Trio
CatNo: NTT2
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Nerve Toy Trio Accidental Bar-B-Que plus The Ha cd
2016's Accidental Bar-B-Que is the first full length album from Nerve Toy Trio.
Ace guitarist Tony Harn, drummer Howard Jones and bassist David Jones (Plenty) have created a 55 minute suite comprising six pieces of intricate and lean guitar-driven instrumental music that combines Fusion and Progressive Rock influences with a contemporary production sheen and occasional flashes of Canterbury-esque humour. 
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Camel, Rush, Pat Metheny, Andy Summers and King Crimson, ultimately NTT asserts its own quirky identity throughout this accomplished debut album.
The first 100 copies of the album come with a free copy of the band's EP The Hard Cell.
Accidental Bar-B-Que:
1. Frozen Veg Alarm
2. Accidental Bar-B-Que
3. Mushroom Attitude
4. Potholing
5. Split The Sketch
6. Blue Blazes
The Hard Cell EP:
1. Strange Habits Of The Collector
2. Mar-pex-ke
3. The Riddle Of Anything