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Format: CD
Artist: Sha's Feckel
CatNo: RON010
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Shas Feckel Greatest Hits CD
Sha's Feckel's 'Greatest Hits' recorded Live at Kaufleuten, Switzerland in 2011.
"Raw, incisive and uncompromising, the tightly arranged pieces occasionally evoke the angular rifferama of Van der Graaf Generator, or the pointillist math-rock rigour of Battles. Underpinned by the insistent pulse of Lionel Gafner's bass and Kaspar Rasta's propulsive drumming, Sha's Feckel create a bold, fast-moving high-octane hybrid that's part-jazz, part-prog and part something else altogether." Sid Smith
1. Build Us A Rocket Then... (09:09)
2. Knarrho (08:26)
3. Massive Bereavement (11:44)
4. 048 (07:23)
Sha, Reeds 
Urs Maller, Guitar 
Lionel Gafner, Bass 
Kaspar Rast, Drums