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Format: CD
Artist: Anthony Phillips
Availability: 31-05-2024
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Anthony_Phillips The_Golden_Hour CD
The Golden Hour is the first volume in Anthony Phillips’ glorious Private Parts & Pieces series since the release of City Of Dreams in 2012. 
A collection of beautiful and evocative pieces, including the four-part Wynchmore Hill Suite, Anthony Phillips describes the album as, “A traditional PPP album of old, containing pieces of disparate origin hopefully constituting a cohesive whole.” 
1  Wychmore Hill Suite I : Country Mile
2  Wychmore Hill Suite II : Ring of Steel
3  Wychmore Hill Suite III : Peaceful Land
4  Wychmore Hill Suite IV : Jack The Lad
5  Twilight of a Diva
6  High Flight
7  Sarabande Noir
8  Kathryn Downes Trad.
9  The Golden Hour
10  Hour Glass
11  Roads In Between (vocal version)
12  Benediction
13  Soliloquy for Sylvie
14  Rushlight
15  New World
16  Cirrus
17  Under The Southern Stars
18  Sea Drift
19  Night Spectre
20  Mean Streets
21  Sky Diving
22  Summer's Lease
23  His Final Bow