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Format: vinyl
Artist: Anekdoten
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Anekdoten A Time Of Day vinyl
The fifth Anekdoten album from 2007.
On A Time Of Day, Anekdoten plunge even deeper into its own uncompromising universe. 
Progressive Rock at its most intense and wonderful!
Limited edition 140g brown vinyl version with foldout cover and printed innerbag. 
Side 1;
1. The Great Unknown (6:22)
2. 30 Pieces (7:13)
3. King Oblivion (5:02)
4. A Sky About To Rain (6:29)
Side 2:
1. Every Step I Take (3:06)
2. Stardust And Sand (4:29)
3. In For A Ride (6:47)
4. Prince Of The Ocean (5:30)