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Format: CD
Artist: Andy Partridge
CatNo: APECD301
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Andy Partridge The Fuzzy Warbles Collection 1-3 XTC cd
Previously available as 8 full-priced discs with the 9th disc (Hinges) only released as part of a limited edition boxed set, the Fuzzy Warbles series is being reissued as an affordable collection of three triple CD sets.
Fuzzy Warbles is Andy Partridge's selection of demos through the ages, including songs that were later recorded by XTC, some that were intended for XTC, some what were written with other artists in mind, some that were just written and didn't quite fit anywhere else.
Irrespective of intent while writing, the three sets are full to the brim with hummable tunes, insightful lyrics & (for demos), neat arrangements from one of the finest songwriters of his (or any other) generation.
Volumes 1 to 3. Quality, at an irresistible price. 
CD 1 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 1:
1. Dame Fortune
2. Born Out Of Your Mouth
3. Howlin' Burston
4. Don't Let Us Bug Ya
5. That Wag
6. That Wave
7. Ocean's Daughter
8. Everthing
10. Goosey Goosey
11. Merely A Man
12. EPNS
13. Summer Hot As This
14. Miniature Sun
15. I Brought Myself A Liarbird
16. Complicated Game
17. Wonder Annual
18. Space Wray
19. Rocket
CD 2 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 2:
1. Ridgeway Path
2. I Don't Want To Be Here
3. Young Marrieds
4. No One Here Available
5. Obscene Procession
6. Miller Time
7. You're The Wish You Are I Had
8. Ra Ra Rehearsal
9. Ra Ra Rocking Horse 
10. Everything'll Be Alright 
11. 25 O'Clock
12. GOOM
13. Chain Of Command
14. All Of A Sudden
15. Summers's Cauldron 
16. Then She Appeared
17. It's Snowing Angels 
18. Ship Trapped In The Ice 
CD 3 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 3:
1. My Train Is Coming
2. Lightheaded
3. Goodbye Humanosaurus
4. Humble Daisy
5. You Like Me?
6. Great Fire
7. Work
8. Mopti Fake 1
9. Collideascope
10. Mopti Fake 2
11. When We Get To England
12. Train Running Low On Soul Coal
13. Holly Up On Poppy
14. Strawberry Fields Forever
15. Autumn Comes Around
16. Child's Crusade
17. Little Lighthouse
18. This Is The End
19. Put It On Again