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Format: vinyl
Artist: Anathema
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Anathema Were Here Because Were Here vinyl Kscope
Anathema return with "We're Here Because We're Here", the band's first collection of new material since its highly rated 2003 concept album, 'A Natural Disaster'. 
A multi-coloured, multi-layered and intensely emotional work, "We're Here Because We're Here" has been mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree/No-Man), who has described it as, 'definitely among the best albums I've ever had the pleasure to work on,' and further develops the band's uniquely melancholy brand of epic song-writing. 
The vinyl edition version of the album comes on double 180gsm black vinyl with a gatefold sleeve on heavyweight card with printed inner sleeves. The vinyl will be limited to 2000 numbered copies.
'The Liverpudlians are still greater than great' Decibel
'Anathema remain an extraordinary band' Terrorizer
Anathema have been at the forefront of the UK rock/metal movement for many years. They began their journey as pioneers of melodic heavy music, influencing a myriad of bands to follow them, before outgrowing all genres and limitations as they fearlessly explored new territory and new ways to express feeling through sound.
Formed in Liverpool in 1990, the band's sound, and musical vision has continually evolved over the ensuing years while always remaining true to their original goal of creating forward thinking, meaningful, passionate and honest music. With each release they moved beyond the boundaries of limited scenes and pigeon holes, creating a complex and emotive atmospheric sound. Countless world tours have built up a loyal international fan base and the 'Natural Disaster' tour saw them playing hundreds of shows in over 30 countries. 
Side 1:
1. Thin Air  (6.00)
2. Summer Night Horizon (4.13)
3. Dreaming Light (5.47)
Side 2:
1. Everything (5.06)
2. Angels Walk Among Us (5.17)
3. Presence (2.58)
Side 3:
1. A Simple Mistake (8.14)
2. Get Off, Get Out (5.01)
Side 4:
1. Universal (7.19)
2. Hindsight (8.11)